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Friday Fireside of The Happy Startup School

Last Friday, November 26, Nynke, Viktor and I were invited to join the Friday Fireside of The Happy Startup School. To start us off in the Crowdcast session, Viktor invited us to gather around the fire and to get present on the feeling of seating by the fire.

You can watch the replay of the interview here

Here are just some of the questions that we talked about in the fireside chat:

What memories conjured up for you while watching or listening to the fire? Thinking of that fireside experience, what came up for you? What feelings came up in your body?

What is Community Rituals? How did you get started?

What is our ambition for Community Rituals? Why it is important in these modern times?

Why did we lose touch of rituals?

What is a ritual? What are some examples of rituals?

How to explore rituals in groups?

Can you upgrade a routine into a ritual and what is needed?

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