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What is Community Rituals?


Community rituals is the collaboration of a community alchemist, a ritual facilitator, a ritual designer and many of our friends <3

We are driven by our innate curiosity to explore the ritual needs of contemporary communities. 

Together we help you create ritual experiences by making DIY ritual templates, workshops and bespoke rituals for communities.

How do we work? 

Our growing set of DIY templates allow you to make a powerful ritual within your own context - without being an expert in ritual design. Simply download the template that fit your situation and start designing.

Throughout the year we give sessions, workshops and courses to help you make powerful rituals. You can sign up for our digest to receive the latest updates on events.

We also love creating rituals together with community leaders who are looking for an expert’s touch. If you are facing a complex situation and want an elegant solution, simply book yourself an introduction call. 

Our shared competencies and passion for what we do gives you a unique team of experts that can bring magic to your community building.

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We make ritual frameworks for communities because it is through communities that we feel at home in this world. Our templates are focused on facilitating collective experiences that promote connection, sense-making and support.


Co-creation of ritual processes together with people who are creating deep community engagement is what gives us energy and inspiration.


We would love our community (you!) to engage with us in this exploration: Have you noticed any needs for ritual in your community? 


Join us on our quest to inspire DIY ritual making!


Get to know us

"Stories are medicine. They have such power; they do not require that we do, act, anything - we need only to listen."
Clarissa Pinkola Estès



Are rituals right for my community? | Can you tell us about your experience?
How can our organization work with you?


Engaging in rituals is enormously valuable for all communities. Ritual behaviour has emerged, largely, to make it possible to navigate and shape the uncertainty of social life, and does that with elegance and power. Knowing when rituals are needed and how to create them opens the door for clarity of purpose, freedom in expression and cohesion in your community.


We invite you to see ritual more as language than a story. How you choose to speak is up to you. Our ritual templates are largely left without content, so that you can bring what you are comfortable to engage with. 


Our shared experience lays in sacred time facilitation, ritual design, and community building

Our sacred time facilitator, Nynke, helps you turn your ritual into a meaningful and balanced gathering, with space for different perspectives. She can guide you in making your participants feel at ease and knows how to help you overcome your own challenges in being a facilitator. She is an expert in group dynamics, works with a systemic perspective and is trained as a rite of passage facilitator.

She has led groups of teenagers and young adults over 15 years, supporting them in their transition into adulthood. Currently she offers rites of passage experience for adults and hosts on- and offline campfires for communities, giving space for storytelling, deep listening and connection. 

Our ritual designer, Viktor, helps you with giving your inner world an external shape and he guides you in designing the powerful, highly relevant interactions that point your ritual in the right direction. His work unlocks a state in which his clients are able to feel that they stand ‘inside’ abstract concepts, enabling them to interact with deep parts of themselves and the visions for their projects and communities. 


For the last seven years, he has focused on bringing rituals to workplaces through his company, Ritual at Work.

In 2020 he worked with clients on developing rituals for educational programs.

This includes The Happy Startup School’s 2020 Vision Program and Skilful Leaders leadership programme. One of his latest ritual designs was bringing a beautiful ending to a co-working space in Amsterdam.

Our community builder, Lana, enables you to make rituals that create culture and enable deep meaning making. She helps you develop the connections and uncover the needs of your community - and weaves it together with a sharp eye on the horizon. With her help you will be more able to think long-term and consider how your actions now lay the foundation for the future of your community.

Lana is the co-author of Community Builder: Designing Communities for Change, a practical workbook with over 40 tools for community builders to start building transformational communities. She has provided consultancy services to various organisations, created  learning programs for non-profits and various trainings in different parts of the globe.


We are happy to explore your ritual needs with you and we have three unique talents. Ritual design, ritual facilitation and community building. 


If you want to make better rituals: Book a co-creation session or invite us to host our design workshops for your organisation directly. 


If you want to become a more powerful host: Book a coaching session on facilitating and delivering rituals.


If you want to develop stronger community engagement: Book a coaching session on community building.

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