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Grief Sessions With Jamie and Nynke

In our lives we encounter grief every day.

It comes in many shapes.

We might walk past a field that is barren because of the use of pesticides, and feel our stomach turn a little.

We feel grief when we go to work, open our laptops and have a sense that life somehow should be different.

The grief we feel when we have to live alone, instead of with someone else

Grief about not being able to be fully present, because some parts of ourselves and our lives are not welcomed.

How do we welcome this often unwanted guest at our tables?

How do we make space for grief that feels bigger than us?

Where do we go if we feel the need to tend to it?

How do we create space for it so we can process it?


We invite you to a series of sessions to experience a community grief ritual space with Jamie and Nynke.

We will work with conversations, systemic constellations and ritual to explore grief as a source of aliveness and connection and growth.

As we travel with grief, our sessions will have different themes. 

We will work with our grief map to help us navigate the territory. 

In an increasingly complex and fast-paced world, the power of rituals often goes unnoticed. Rituals have been an integral part of human existence for thousands of years, serving various purposes such as marking transitions, strengthening relationships, and promoting a sense of community. As modern society continues to evolve, the need for rituals remains more relevant than ever. By understanding the significance of rituals in our lives, we can harness their power to foster well-being, self-awareness, and connection to others.

Systemic constellations help us understand the subtle patterns within people and systems. In constellation practices we can explore  the language of our bodies and get in touch with what our bodies carry for us from the system we are part of.

By making space for conversation we can share our stories about the grief that lives within us and the wider systems we are part of. We can see ourselves in the stories of others and create a bigger heart to hold what needs to be held and witnessed. 


This space is designed for facilitators, organisational leaders (not just in job title's), community leaders and organisers, coaches and consultants, who are working with people experiencing personal, collective and systemic grief.


Join Us!


Thursday 7th of March. 7-9pm GMT / 8-10pm CET

Tuesday 9th of April,  2-4pm GMT/ 3-5pm CET

Wednesday 15th of May, 10-12am GMT  / 11am-13pm CET

Wednesday 2nd of June, 7-9pm GMT/ 8-10pm CET

Tuesday 3rd September, 7-9pm GMT / 8-10pm CET

Wednesday 18th September, 7-9pm GMT / 8-10pm CET

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