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I am not a person who has a rhythm in ritual practises. I noticed I mostly create them for moments where I feel stuck or lost. Maybe that is the practise in itself :-) ; to notice I feel stuck or out of flow, to check in with myself to see what’s going on and then create a ritual around it. I take time, create space and help myself get unstuck and into flow again.

A few weeks ago I felt a little lost, and lonely. I sat down to check in with myself and noticed I felt unsupported. So, in order to feel better I needed to connect with what feeling. Here’s the ritual I created:

Checking and sensing your support system

Step 1

While the feeling of being supported goes through your mind and body, walk around in your house or take a walk outside. What people, animals or things support you? Collect one object for each thing you feel supported by.

Step 2

Put them on the floor next to each other, creating a half circle. Stand in front of all these elements you have picked. Take a step towards each one of them sensing how this particular part in your life supports you. Feel the energy that flows between you and the object.

Do this with each object. Take a step back and stand in front of the row seeing all that supports you. Sense how that makes you feel.

Step 3

Turn around and feel them in your back. Lean back a little with your body. Take a step forward while imagining you step into your day, with all that supports you in your back.

While doing my own ritual I found out that, for me, support does not only come from people. It also comes from nature, from sunshine, and trees, from birds in my garden. That has been a very helpful thought. And I think this ritual is one that I will do on a more regular basis.

Support and encouragement are found in the most unlikely places. - Raquel Cepeda

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