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We believe in sharing our knowledge openly.
Our ritual templates will always be available for free so that all communities can experience the power of rituals.

At the same time, we need the support of our community in being able to do this work that we love. 


Here are some ideas on how you might be able to support us: 


  • Tell people about our templates! Especially your richest, most generous friends ;) 

  • Come back at a later point and pay for it then. Who knows, maybe you find the template so amazing that you just have to pay for it after you have familiarized yourself with it?

  • And please consider if you really need it to be for free before you press download. If you rather pay, you can find your way back to gumroad here.


Our dream is for communities to experience the power of rituals. You are enabling that and we are proud to be your allie!


Have fun with the template and thanks for trusting us in supporting your ritual making. 

- Lana, Nynke and Viktor

Yes, I want a copy!
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